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                               CHAPTER ONE      

The beginning of the end. Primus, the elected champion of the Elders and most courageous of Light Gods, hefted the weapon bestowed to him by the Elder Gods. It had been christened the Matrix Sword by the nameless creators who had smithed the god slaying weapon. Forged in the fires of the explosion which spawned the known universe, it was rumored to be unbreakable. Mystic runes were emblazoned upon the mirrored blade. Autros--the red rune of defense would protect Primus from his opponent's dark magic's. Deceptos--the purple rune of power would enable the blade to penetrate the Dark God's Defenses. The pommel of the sword possessed a magnificent jewel which shone with the intense light of a blue-white star. Primus could channel his energies through this jewel to empower the blade with the gift of life in order to counter the aura of death that Unicron would employ as his weapon. This weapon was destined to become the bane of the Dark Gods and the tool to bring about their ultimate demise. Still, Primus could not help feeling apprehensive at the approaching battle as he adorned his crimson and gold suit of divine armor. Unicron's power was unmatched among his pantheon of Dark Gods. He had single-handedly defeated several Light Gods in open combat, consuming their essence and assuming control over their dominions, increasing his own power in the process. But Primus was the Light God of Justice and Righteous Warfare. He would not fall victim so easily to the malevolence of Unicron. Primus steeled himself for the upcoming battle, and went forth to the celestial battlefield where his opponent awaited. The battle was indeed cataclysmic. The conflict spanned millennia, destroying whole worlds and civilizations with its intensity. Neither side could gain ground on the other, but Unicron was winning by default due to the destruction and loss of life resulting from their personal war. To bring about a swift conclusion Primus had only one option open to him. He entered the astral plane of reality, prompting Unicron to pursue him. He allowed Unicron to reach him, hoping the Dark God would try to destroy his astral form. While the two combatants struggled with each other, Primus reemerged into the physical plain, bringing his opponent with him. They emerged into the confines of an immense asteroid, their physical bodies merging with the asteroid on a sub-atomic level and entrapping their essences in a giant prison of metallic ore. Both essences, weakened from their struggle, were unable to free themselves. Primus' gamble had worked. Both gods surrendered to their fate and entered a deep slumber to regain their strength. The burden of holding the life forces of two gods was a task too difficult for a mere asteroid, even for one the size of an average planet, to withstand. The mighty rock of minerals and metal ore split in two. Both halves, each one housing a god's essence, drifted to parts unknown. Billions of years passed by. The asteroid which housed Unicron's life force drifted into the gravitational pull of a red giant star, where it become one of the dozen planet sized celestial bodies to orbit the massive sun. The heat of the star awakened the Dark God, who even after countless years of slumber could not free himself from his prison. Instead, he channeled his mammoth energies into changing his prison into a physical body strong enough, a vessel to channel his life force energies and reclaim his position as the most feared and destructive force in the universe. Hundreds upon hundreds of millennia had elapsed before Unicron completed his task. The immense asteroid had been transformed into a demonic looking metal sphere of lunar proportions. Engulfed by an insatiable hunger, he set about consuming the solar system, which had claimed him as one of its own. Planets, moons, even comets and stars fell victim to his ravenous appetite with absolutely zero concern afforded to the countless life forms inhabiting the worlds. Only the star itself was immune to his greedy gluttony. Fully fueled from his cosmic feast, Unicron set forth on his interstellar sojourn to locate and confront his enemy, feeding on planets and other celestial bodies along the way, becoming a planetary harbinger of death. The asteroid imprisoning Primus continued to float upon the endless seas of the universe. The Light God had also awakened in the immeasurable interim. He too converted his prison into a new body, a life sustaining planet also composed entirely of metal. A dark dread plagued him however, for he sensed that Unicron had also cheated death, and was searching for him again. Too weak to combat the approaching menace, he labored to create an army of invincible warriors to defeat his immortal enemy. Using the metallic soil of his new body for raw materials, a race of sentient robotic beings molded in Primus' image emerged. And thus, his children, the Transformers, were born. Their sole purpose was to wage war in his name. With the last of his strength, Primus managed to obtain a shard from the jeweled pommel of the Matrix Sword. All of his remaining energies were channeled into the azure gem, and the jewel itself was placed into an indestructible container to be handed to a selected protégé. The Cybertronian who would bear this burden would be known as the Prime designate, and the Matrix would select him and his successors. He would have the power to create life of his own kind, to build reinforcements against Unicron. With this last task performed, Primus returned to his lengthy slumber to regain his strength for the inevitable battle that was to come. Fore Primus would sleep until he judged his children powerful enough to destroy the Chaos Bringer. But because of the war, that time has not yet come for the line had been torn asunder when Unicron locked a powerful mental command in six of Primus's creations.  These possessed ones would attempt to cripple the prime unit. For in so naming Orion Pax Optimus Prime he knew the war would continue and would both test the eventual alliance and flush out these possessed ones to both sharpen their skills and to determine their fates upon death. Old enemies must join ranks and differences set aside if they are to withstand a chance of destroying the chaos bringer. Fore it was long ago foredaned that one or both would die.

for those who are curiouse as to what exactly the matrix sword looks like

picture rid omega primes staffed matrix blade sporting a series of insignias  along the triple beam broadswords entire length from the center area of the swords double wide handle bar all the way to the very top of the sword itself

with the very first insignia set into the centered handle bar of the blade being the  amalgamated autobot decepticon insignia that appeared in DREAMWAVE'S  g1 volume 2  WAR AND PEACE storylin with the other insignias being from the bottom up the autobot, decepticon, maximal, predicon, vehicon , and minicon insignias as well

thats just my idea of what the matrix sword would look like

as for the whole genesis setting

it is an attempt on my part to more thoroughly tie the 80's animated movie, g1 marvel comic and dreamwave comic mythoses toghether

a so called ULTIMATE take on the 80's animated movie as a 3 book fanfic  storyline

1 in which i will do my level best to  draw on all the most choice qualities that exists in the g1 marvel comic series, the g1 80's animated series, the animated movie itself in addition to refferencing and using the currently defunct dreamwave amalgaverse comic mythos as a guide of sorts to work with.

at the same time though i will attempt to come up with a reasonable set of character origins when it comes to the season 3 characters


Johann Deideriech Clayton
United States


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